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Lightning and Lawson Strike at Queens 64th Speedy Open

by on May 19, 2006

At around 3PM on Friday, 05/19/2006, lightning apparently struck some traffic signal lights near the intersection of 168th Street and the Grand Central Parkway.  This created so much havoc with the traffic in the area, that some players surely stayed away from the Club.  With a scheduled starting time of 8PM, the 4-SS, G/15 event did not actually commence until about 8:35PM.  TD Joe Felber’s usual 45 minute drive from his office in Melville took about two hours, thus leading to the late start.

Once the play actually got underway, Brian Lawson (Quick rating — 1844) played adventurous chess, and won the six-player event and the $30 first prize, with 3.5 points out of four.  His only draw was against top-rated Club President and Treasurer Joe Felber (1891 on the April rating list).

Andrew Ryba (1603) scored three out of four, to take the $12 second-place prize;  his results included a win over Felber, when Joe hung his Queen for Rook, to an “attack along the ranks” —- a typical chessplayer weakness!  He also had a draw vs. Mitch Drobbin (1810), and a victory over brother Nicholas.

The $8 Under-1700 prize was split evenly between Ken Cruz (1664) and Nicholas Ryba (1638).

As for the play of non-winners Mitch Drobbin and Joe Felber, it can only be said that they fell victim to the “typical blunders” of Quick chess —– but it’s all part of competing!

Again, congratulations to all the prizewinners, and better luck to the non-winners in the next event!

(End of Report) —– Report by President/ Tresurer Joe Felber  

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