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Arluck Prevails in 2006 QCC Junior/Senior Championship

by on May 12, 2006

With a dramatic win over top-ranked Victor Ying (2175), in the longest game of the last round, Expert Bill Arluck (2003) prevailed in the 2006 version of the Junior/ Senior Championship.  The 30/75, 4-SS event was held at the Club between 04/21/2006 and 05/12/2006 (inclusive).

Perhaps this is the only game that Victor has lost at our Club thus far — but we hope that it will not discourage him from playing in future events!

Bill took home the $100 first prize for his excellent performance (he finished with 3.5 points out of four).

The event featured a unique prize structure devised by Club VP and Chief TD Ed Frumkin.  Too bad he was out of town for the last round, as Club President and Treasurer Joe Felber was left to his “own devices” to award the prizes!

Ed’s prize structure featured $100 to first, $50 to second, and $40 to the winner of each one of four age-group categories.  These categories were:  Senior — born before 1943;  Boomer  — born 1948- 1952;  Midlife —- born 1953- 1971; and Junior, born after 1975.

Since the current USCF Rule Book provides that no player can win more than one prize, and those with the same score should win exactly the same amount (if possible), I combined the $50 second place pize with the Senior, Midlife, and  Junior prizes, for a $170 total to be split ($43 each, rounded up) among the four players who finished with three points.  These players were Victor Ying (2175), Rob Guevara (2080) Ed Frumkin (2040),  and Richard Murphy (1920).  I felt that this prize allocation was both equitable and necessary, as none of the “three-pointers” had a greater claim to the 2nd place prize than any other player in the three- point category.

Finally, the $40 “Boomer prize” will be split evenly between Rooney Simonaitis (1938) and “Doc’ Muwwakkil (1806) (both had gone home by the time the Arluck- Ying encounter had been decided).  Rooney and “Doc” finished the event with 2.5 points out of four.

As for the games themselves, both Bill Arluck and Victor Ying continue to impress with their enterprising play.

The enthusiasm of the Ryba brothers for the game is encouraging to the writer of these lines;  I fully expect them to be Experts or Masters within a few years!

Finally, Rich Murphy played steady and solid chess throughout.  In Round 2, he scored an enterprising win against Rob Guevara, and in Round 4 he conducted a Pawn-up Rook and Pawn ending against Club President Joe Felber (2015) in exemplary fashion.

Congratulations to all the prizewinners, and better luck to the non-winners next time!

The event was jointly directed by Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber, for the Club.

(End of Report)  ——   (Report by President/Treasurer Joe Felber) 

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