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QCC Good Friday Blitz

by on April 14, 2006

This Good Friday, April 14th, 2006 a new experimental blitz time control , unrated , tourney was held at Queens Chess Club. The time control was determined to be 4 minutes with 2 second delay. For those uncomfortable with this time control the default would be a 5 minute game. It was up to the player with the Black pieces to decide which of the two time controls would be used.

The winner was Gary Friedman , who in the double round robin, scored 8 points. Second came Andrew Ryba, who won his two games vs Rooney Simonaitis. Rooney Simonaitis took third. Gary won $25. Andrew received $15 and Simonaitis won back his entry fee with $10.
This tournament was directed by Rooney Simonaitis.

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