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Arluck and Bonin Dominate the Queens Late Winter Open

by on March 24, 2006

With scores of 4.5 out of 5 points each, IM Jay Bonin (2354) and Expert Bill Arluck (2043) dominated the Late Winter Open.  The event was a five- round Swiss, held at the Club between 02/24/2006 and 03/24/2006 (inclusive).  Bill and Jay each took home $150 for his efforts.

Honorable Mention must surely go to Club VP and Chief TD Ed Frumkin (2000), who finished with four points, but had the strange misfortune to win no prize money!  In fact, he admirably “roared back” from a first-round loss to young Andrew Ryba (1607), in a game where he was actually winning at one stage of the battle.

Club Secretary Jay Kleinman (1922) played steady chess throughout, and thus won the $100 Class A prize, with a final score of 3.5 out of 5.  He defeated Rooney Simonaitis (1986) in the last round, losing only to Arluck in Round 2.

Ken Cruz, Andrew Ryba, and Jim Frawley all finished up with 3-2 scores, and split the $100 Class B prize (rounded up slightly to $33.50 each).   

Finally, Bradley Rice (1463) won the $100 prize for Class C and Below, albeit with a bit of help from the “chess gods!”  He scored a forfeit win in Round 5, due to an opponent who failed to show up for the game, AND also (to my knowledge) failed to notify one of the TD’s, in advance of the round,  that he would be unable to play.   This scenario shows WHY it is most unfair to all other players in an event, for any one player to forfeit a game without notice.

Chess competitions should ALWAYS be decided in an actual battle over the board, and NOT via technicalities in the rules!

Ed Frumkin (with some assistance by this writer) did his usually outstanding job in directing the event for the Club.  (Report by QCC President/Treasurer Joe Felber) 


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