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Upset-heavy Event Ends in 4-way Tie at Queens Winter Open

by on February 3, 2006

he Queens Winter Open, held January 6 to February 3 at the Margaret Tietz Center for Nursing Care, drew 28 entrants and one house player. IM Jay Bonin (2363), many-time Queens Chess Club champion, had a 300 point lead over the field that included three experts and seven Class A players. The tournament had a somewhat comic beginning when Henry Milerski (1423) forgot to pick up TD Ed Frumkin (2000) at the L train stop in Brooklyn. After a 45 minute wait, Ed rushed back to Manhattan and phoned in the advance entry list. Henry’s penalty was being paired with Ed, and Ed crushed him on February 8, penalizing him for a two month playing hiatus. The rest of the round was normal except for Nicholas Ryba (1534)’s upset of Arunas Simonaitis (1994), the 460 point gap being the biggest single upset so far in the Club’s October 2005-September 2006 competition. Nicholas also leads in total upset points to date. Round 2 saw a bigger shocker, as Bonin lost to Brian Blake (1870), Brian taking the upset lead at 493. This was Jay’s first loss at QCC in about three years and it threw the tournament wide open for anyone to win. Joe Felber (2016) was probably fortunate to save half a point against Mulazim (Doc) Muwwakkil (1793) and Mark Sylvers (1328) pulled a mild upset on Bradley Rice (1500). With Bill Arluck (1990) and Dick Murphy (1914) taking Round 2 byes after first round wins, only four emerged with 2-0 scores. Brian Lawson (2059)-Mitch Drobbin (1960) and Blake-Frumkin, though very interesting back and forth encounters, both ended up drawn, with Lawson and Blake committed to byes in Round 4. Felber beat Dick Murphy and Muwwakkil stayed hot by toppling Arluck. Nicholas Ryba upended Tom Murphy (1718), nearly tacking on to his upset point total (only wins paired up 200+ or draws paired up 400+ count). Paul Denig (1616) and Neal Bellon (1586) joined the upset contest with wins from Simonaitis and Antonio Lorenzo (1800), respectively. In Round 4 Drobbin-Felber ended in a hard fought drawn Rook and Pawn ending, while Muwwakkil-Frumkin was a Black win. Frumkin’s penalty for being sole leader was a last round loss to Bonin. Lawson (over Felber), Drobbin (over Blake) and Kenneth Cruz (1733) over Muwwakkil matched Jay’s 4-1 total. With prizes of $200-$100-$60 for the top three places and $108 for top 1700-1899, the four took home $117 and 1.5 Grand Prix points each. Jim Frawley (1677) took top 1500-1699 money of $108 with 3-2, despite a zero point bye in Round 5 to attend a ballet performance. Andrew (1584) and Nicholas Ryba split the 2nd prize of $36 for 1500-1699 with 2½ -2½ scores. Guy Rawlins (1365) and Mark Sylvers split the $108 under 1500/unrated prize with 2-3 scores. Ed Frumkin and Joe Felber directed. The Bonin-Blake game will probably appear in the next edition of the Queens Chess Club newsletter.



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