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Bonin, Murphy Dominate 2005 Queens Championship

by on November 18, 2005

For the third consecutive year, International Master Jay Bonin (2371) has won the annual championship of the Queens Chess Club. The tournament drew 32 entrants and 2 house players. Bonin led throughout, scoring 6-1, defeating Zoltan Sugar (1722), Mitchell Drobbin (1978), Joseph Felber (2005) and William Arluck (2019), drawing with Brian Lawson (2059), defeating Larry Tamarkin (2103), and drawing quickly with Jay Kleinman (1887). Bonin won $500. Dick Murphy (1912) finished clear second with a 5½-1½ score, being held to an upset draw by eleven year old Nicholas Ryba (1423), defeating Ken Cruz (1731), drawing with Ed Frumkin (2000) and Mark Crawford (1761) before running the table with wins from Sugar, Lawson and Arluck. Murphy won $300. Ricardo Perez Billinghurst (2095), Drobbin and Kleinman all scored 5-2. Perez Billinghurst took byes in Rounds 4 and 5 and yielded draws to Brian Blake (1857) and Arluck, while defeating Paul Denig (1666), Arunas Simonaitis (1968) and Payam Parhami (2000). Drobbin toppled Steve Chernick (1521), Denig, Mulazim Muwwakkil (1840) and Frumkin, while drawing with Blake and Crawford. Kleinman took a Round 3 bye while relocating, beating Guy Rawlins (1402), Lamont Nelson (1300), Felber and Simonaitis before the draw with Bonin. Perez Billinghurst and Drobbin won $100 each, while Kleinman took the $150 prize for 1700-1899. Thirteen year old Andrew Ryba (1573) won the $150 prize for 1500-1699 with 3½-3½, beating Andrew Bauer (1682) in Round 7 while Denig and Frank Drazil (1529), who led with 3-3, lost to Crawford and Antonio Lorenzo (1812), respectively. Nicholas Ryba won the $150 under 1500 prize with 3½-3½, beating Mark Sylvers (1327) in Round 7 while Nelson lost to Jim Frawley (1632). Nelson took the lead in the new annual upset contest with an aggregate of 441½ points and Nicholas Ryba leads the single upset race with 244 ½ for the early draw with Murphy (only wins paired up 200 points or more and draws paired up 400 points count). Ed Frumkin directed, assisted by Joe Felber and Jay Kleinman. Jay Kleinman also prepared weekly bulletins. The event was held from October 7 to November 18.



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